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Last Update :: 2011-07-23


Welcome to babelize.org - babelize

babelize is a localization utility on top of all the language packs you can download from this website. My main idea behind this project is to create an easy to use localization utility for all the games which were ported natively to linux like that from Lokigames or Linuxgamepublishing.

Why did you start this project?

Simple answer: I want to play Heroes of Might and Magic 3 in my native language german. :)

What exactly is babelize?

It is a utility which localize the desired game with a given language pack, nothing more, nothing less. Since version 1.0.0 the loki installer was replaced with autoconf and automake. It is very easy to maintain and did not lack platform incompatibility.

What is needed?

Below you find a list of things which are required to run babelize successfully.

1. You need xdelta >= 1.1.3 for using babelize.

What should i download?

Download the most recent version of babelize here. If you want an older version take a look at the download directory. Notice: The version 1.0.0 was the first public release. The changelog can be found here.

Size: 0.09 mb
Size: 0.08 mb

How do i install it?

Installation is simple, just follow the steps below. babelize uses autoconf and automake to detect and setup a working built environment.

1. Download babelize-1.1.1.tar.gz from above.
2. tar xzf babelize-1.1.1.tar.gz && cd babelize-1.1.1
3. ./configure && make && make install

How to get bleeding edge sourcecode?

If you are crazy enough you can test the development version. When asked for a password, just hit enter. A directory named 'babelize' will be created.
svn co https://babelize.org/svn/babelize/trunk babelize
You can later update your sources by saying
svn update babelize
You can view the subversion repository at